Unbeknownst to us, Indians love OKRA!  As Marta’s mother is from the South, and in honor of her, we both had a spoonful or two of deliciously spiced Indian Okra.  Marta says, “I am thinking of you mom”!

Today, June 15th, Friday, we are in Surat and traveled approximately 12 miles to Dandi on back roads about 10 feet wide.  We drove through tiny villages along the way and actually came to an end of the road where the river had washed it out.  A Muslim man on a motorcycle was kind enough to explain that the government needs to buy the land to fix the road, and as we were marooned, he invited us into his home for a refreshment.  At his home, we met his father, his son and his grand-daughter and were treated Chai tea with his wife and daughter-in-law.  The daughter-in-law spoke excellent English, and so we learned from her about India’s political and education system.  Once again, we were amazed by the incredible hospitality any Indian seems to offer a stranger.

We continued on a brief diversion until we reconnected with the National Heritage Route #228 where Gandhi traveled by foot and finally made it to Dandi.  We asked our driver to let us out about two miles before the Arabian Sea Coast so that we could walk, literally, in Gandhi’s footsteps.  We walked  all the way to the Arabian Sea and walked in the sandy waters of the warm sea.  There was a cool breeze as we tried to imagine the daring protest of the 1930 Salt March–241 miles of rugged paths made by 79 protesters and thousands of followers.

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