In the market, we we shocked to learn there over 100 different kinds of curry in a hue of colors.  As nearly everything is curried, we are enjoying the food tremendously and are offering a few pictures with our “broken” Hindi to explain the food.  This is a traditional and typical BREAKFAST in India.

Masala Uttapam – rice pancakes with vegetables; Poha – beaten flat rice with peppers; Bhaji – curried potatoes and gravy; Moong Dal Halwa – lentil dessert; Scrambled vegetables – curried cottage cheese and tomato; Sauteed corn.

Black Indian coffee is very rich and robust, but we can’t get enough of the Darjeeling Tea.

The waiters open and pour our bottled water as if it is a $100 bottle of wine.  They practically place our forks in our hands and come over every few minutes to fill our glasses and ask how we are.  They are so polite and so gentle.  And, there are SO MANY of them–in a small cafe seating only 20 people, there are easily 6 formal waiters.  Another way to employ one billion people.

At the end of each meal, the waiter brings a serving dish with three different types of seed:  these are spoon into the palm of a hand and popped into the mouth and chewed to freshen the breath.

Pepto Bismol has been our friend because we love the food too much.

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