Worshiping Vishnu, they were chanting, burning incense and scented wood. Vishnu is the destroyer of evil.

We entered into so many discussions with so many different people, only to learn how deeply genuine most Indian people are.  Gloria is the “white goddess” as her light skin, blue eyes, and blond hair attract many locals to her.  We have both been asked to pose for pictures with children because of our unique characteristics:)

We visited many temples:  Jain, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish (and we tried to get into a Catholic Cathedral, but doors were locked).  We visited Badabaran, a mystical giant pool of fresh water thought to have been created by a god whose arrow shot into the earth from which fresh water sprung.  There is some kind of miracle going on there as the water is fresh and there is identifiable source! There, we watched Hindu priests chant prayers to their gods, children swimming in the pool and a young girl spiritually cleansing herself.  Badabaran is unique in that these people live as their ancestors, not having moved from the same living quarters for centuries.

At the end of the day, Marta bought her first saree and we capped the evening with a horse and buggy ride in a muggy, but cool evening filled with masses of people, honking horns and Chow Patty (“beach”) lovers.

A bit blurry–instructions for the cameraman were lost in translation and delight.

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