We started the day traveling by ferry boat (first question we asked each other:  “CAN YOU SWIM?” to the Elephant Caves–no elephants, but amazing caves dug into the earth in about 400 A.D. by artisans who hand-carved numerous Hindu dieties into the hard rock.  Our amazing guide knew so much about the history of the caves and the Hindu religion–we soaked up all the knowledge we could that it made our heads spin.

We then completed a whirlwind tour of the Prince of Whales Museum of History and…

Next stop was a museum which was once the home of a wealthy man where Gandhi always stayed while residing in India.  An incredible library and museum which included Gandhi’s few worldly possessions, many photographs, famous quotes, his letters to FDR and Hitler and the list goes on.  We were able to stand on the balcony right where Gandhi greeted his followers–goose bumps!

We have so far found the people of India to be warm and welcoming.  Getting use to customs (such as the first floor is actually the second floor) and that if they are eating, they will always offer up their food to you, no matter how meager their circumstance.  So far, our trip is exceeding expectations.  Lovely, lovely.

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